Organic + Aromatherapy Facials

At The Salon we have a wide range of facial treatments to suit you - whether it be a deeply relaxing organic aromatherapy facial or an award winning Crystal Clear treatment. With over 15 years in the industry our facial specialist has the right treatment for you! Please see our full facial treatment list including prices below

Organic Facials

Our range of relaxing facials use all organic, natural ingredients to bring out the best in your skin and relax your body and mind – each facial also includes soothing massage to deeply relax you



Soothing Relaxing Facial – This aromatherapy facial is designed to fully relax and soothe your skin and mind. This facial includes full cleanse and exfoliation using products tailored to suit your skin.  Following this a hydrating mask is applied while you enjoy a soothing head massage,  this treatment is finished with a deeply soothing and releasing face, neck and shoulder massage – 1hr – £48


Hydrating Organic Facials – Deeply nourishing range of facials to cleanse and deeply hydrate normal to dry skin

Speedy Hydrating Facial – Soothing cleanse, conditioning toner, exfoliation and face massage using deeply hydrating facial oil. Finished with a hydrating moisturiser and eye cream – 30min – £30

Salon Hydrating Facial – Perfect for skin in need of a hydration boost this nourishing and relaxing facial uses organic, gentle products to cleanse and hydrate sensitive or dry skin – this facial includes soothing cleansing, conditioning toner and gentle exfoliation as well a deeply hydrating mask followed by facial massage using specifically blended facial oil. This one hour treatment also includes a deeply relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage and is finished with a hydrating moisturiser and eye cream leaving skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. – 1hr – £48


Rebalancing Organic Facials – Anti-bacterial and cleansing range of facials to rebalance and cleanse oily, combination or problematic skin

Speedy Rebalancing Facial – Deep cleanse, revitalising toner, exfoliation and a rebalancing clay mask, finished with an effective light weight facial moisturiser and eye cream – 30min – £30

Salon Rebalancing Facial – Perfect for more oily or congested skin this relaxing and deeply cleansing facial uses high grade organic products to gently rebalance your skin – including stimulating anti bacterial deep cleanse, revitalising toner, exfoliation, rebalancing mask and facial massage using a light weight hydrating facial oil and moisturiser. This one hour treatment also includes a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage to provide deep relaxation! – 1hr – £48

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